Our Services

24 Hour Registered & Licensed Nursing and
Highly Qualified and Dedicated Certified Nurse Aides

Our nurses and nurse aides are here to support and serve each unique individual, offering person directed care based on the wants and desires of each person who chooses Clinton Manor Living Center as their home. Our staff are highly trained and qualified to provide the services each person needs. More importantly they are here to get to know each person, promoting and encouraging friendships in a warm and caring home and treating each person as one of the family.

Rehabilitation Services
Rehabilitation can be defined as the reshaping of lives and the restoring of lost abilities after an illness or injury. It means treating the whole patient - physically, emotionally, and socially. At Clinton Manor Living Center, physical, occupational, and speech therapies are provided by licensed and certified staff, who are devoted to helping patients reach their optimum level of functioning.

Physical Therapy - Skilled physical therapy treatments include:

•Training in areas of bed mobility, transfers and gait (with or without an assistive device)
•Treatment of lower extremity dysfunction
•Strength training and coordination
•Pain Management
•Balance Training
•Amputee care and prosthetics
•Osteopathic release
•Wound Management
•Physical agent modalities such as ultrasound

Occupational Therapy - Occupational Therapy addresses important elements in the treatment of individuals experiencing functional limitations in self-care skills and activities of daily living. An occupational therapy treatment plan may include:

•Fine and gross motor control development
•One-handed dressing techniques, grooming, bathing and home management skills
•Training in the use of self-help aids
•Cognitive skills development
•Upper body strengthening and coordination
•Home evaluation to assess need for adaptive equipment and to promote safety

Speech - Language Pathology - In speech therapy, patients are evaluated and treated for hearing, language, communication, and swallowing disorders. The focus is on improving speech - language expression, comprehension, and oral motor skills for more accurate speech production. Speech therapy may include:

•Receptive / expressive language therapy
•Aural rehabilitation
•Aphagia / dysphagia management
•Cognitive rehabilitation

If you feel you or a loved one may benefit from any of the therapy services described above, please contact Therapy Program Director, Amy Woltering

In-House Doctor visits and transportation to Doctors and Dentist within the community
Many of the local Doctors pay regular visits to Clinton Manor Living Center where they can meet with each individual within their home. Clinton Manor Living Center also offers transportation to primary Doctors and specialist, Dentists within the local and surrounding communities.

Social Services and Daily Activities
Social service is part of our regular program that provides both group and individual supports. We are here to provide a day full of activities that you have an interest in doing, they include regularly scheduled events in the local and surrounding communities. Your dreams and desires are ours. If you don't see an activity on our schedule just ask. We will do all we can to make it happen because Your Life goes on at Clinton Manor Living Center.

Religious / Spiritual Services
We work with local community religious groups and individuals of many faiths who bring spiritual celebration and connection for all individuals who ask for this service. From the traditional church services to individual spiritual visits, we know the importance of meeting spiritual needs.

In-Home Beautician
It is very important to many that they have their regular visits to a beautician. We offer this service in their home or are very happy to assist individuals to a local beautician in the community.

Dietary Services
One of the most important services that Clinton Manor Living Center can offer individuals who choose us as their home, is a great breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, when you want them and food that taste and looks like the food you have eaten all your life.

We have worked hard over the past years, consulting with individuals who live at Clinton Manor Living Center to find food that they enjoy. Meals are supervised by a Dietary Manager and a Dietician. We offer a Cook to Order Breakfast that begins at 7 am and ends at 9 am so you are free to get up and eat breakfast when you want. Guest often walk into our home to the scent of bacon every morning. Buffet Dining is offered at lunch and dinner along with a seasonal salad bar and side menu that allow each person to have a great variety of choices of food to eat at each meal. Refrigerators are located in 2 areas for guest to enjoy snacks at any time.